Organic Rules and Certification


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Organic Eprints  Certification, 2008-    CertCost publications

This database holds data from the EU FP7 project, "Economic Analysis of Certification Systems for Organic Food and Farming", CertCost on organic certification chain actors and from the EU FP6 project, "Research to Support Revision of the EU Regulation on Organic Agriculture", EEC 2092/91 Revision. on organic standards differences in relation to the organic EU regulation.

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Database developed in 2008-2009 by ICROFS in the FP7 project CertCost.
Data entered by CertCost partners in 2009-2010
Unless otherwise stated in the deposits, data are from 2008

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Certification by country
Certification contact details by country
Statistics on organic agriculture by country
Certification chain overview by country