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Animal health plan - UK Compendium 2005

Padel, Susanne and Lowman, Steve (2005) Animal health plan - UK Compendium 2005. [Organic rules - Differences between other regulations/standards and EEC No 2092/91]

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After starting with a paragraph defining veterinary terms to be used in subsequent paragraphs, the UK Compendium then requires the preparation and implementation of a Livestock Health Plan, based on positive animal welfare and the building up of positive health to achieve a progressive reduction of disease risks. UK Compendium, Paragraph 5.1.1 contains definitions of terms in addition to the EU Regulation text. Paragraph 5.1.2 then refers to the principles of positive welfare and positive health, and requires a Livestock Health Plan to be drawn up, implemented and monitored. This plan should be designed to suit the individual circumstances of the farm, to build up levels of health as a means to reduce disease risks, and thus to progressively reduce the reliance on veterinary medication for disease control.


EU Regulation 2092/91 contains no requirement for a livestock health plan. UK Compendium, Paragraph 5.1.3 is identical to EU Regulation, Paragraph 5.1.


For organic livestock husbandry, animal health plans provide a standard means to: a) ensure compliance with organic standards, b) apply best practice and promote positive animal health, c) allow the monitoring of health indicators for a planned, progressive reduction in the use of allopathic treatments. They function as a management tool for farmers and herd managers, and a health and welfare evaluation tool for organic inspectors. This planned and monitored approach to animal health is seen as best practice in UK livestock husbandry. It contributes to the fulfilment and verification of the practices and positive outcomes of organic livestock husbandry.

EU Regulation

Annex I. Principles of organic production and processing > B.Livestock and livestock products - Annex I B > Disease prevention and veterinary treatment/health care - Annex I B5

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