Organic Rules and Certification

Competent authority, Danish Plant Directorate, Denmark, 2009

Competent authority, Danish Plant Directorate, Denmark, 2009. [Certification - Competent authority]

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Level of authority

National Authority

Name of the authority/body

Plantedirektoratet, (Danish Plant Directorate)


Sektor for Oekologi, Skovbrynet 20, DK 2800 Lyngby, Denmark


+45 45263609


Links to authority/body web page and further information,Økologi.aspx?ID=2128

Responsibilities as concerns organic certification

Supervising certification of farmers and farm suppliers

Number of employees (full time, part time, freelancers) in "full-time years" involved in the implementation of the organic certification scheme in the country (incl. staff providing statistics to the EU according to EU Reg. 834/2007).

22.5 full time years (1650 effective hours/year). Total costs: 2665000 €

Certification Systems Overview:Competent authorities
Certification by country:Denmark
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