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General statistics, Slovenia, 2009

General statistics, Slovenia, 2009. [Certification - Statistics]

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Certification Systems Overview: Statistics > 2007
Certification by country:Republic of Slovenia
Country area [kmĀ²]:20273
Agricultural area [ha]:488770
Agricultural area in percent of total country area:24.11
Organic area including area in conversion [ha]:29322
Organic area in percent of the total agricultural area :6.00
Fully converted organic area [ha]:23560
Area in conversion [ha]:5765
Number of farmers (conventional + organic):75340
Number of certified organic farmers:2000
Certified organic farmers in percent of total farmers:2.65
Total number of certified organic operators (farmers, processors and other operators):2067
Number of certified organic processors:63
Number of other organic operators than farmers and processors:4
Certification scheme:System of approved private control bodies
Number of EU registered control bodies:3
Comments:2007 figures for agriculture and operator statistics: Source Helga Willer,FiBL,2009. Country area figures: Source: EUROSTAT: "Country profiles".
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