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Standards owner, AIAB, Italy, 2009

Standards owner, AIAB, Italy, 2009. [Certification - Standards owners]

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Garanzia AIAB

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AIAB standards have more restrictive requirements than the Eu Reg 834/07: 1) The whole farm has to be organic 2) The operator has to be organic, not with fields under conversion 3) All feed used for livestock has to be organic 4) The raw materials processed have to be produced in Italy 5) The operator commits himself to prevent, avoid and reduce any kind of pollution and promote the use of renewable energy

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Associazione Italiana Agricoltura Biologica

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Via Piave 14, Roma, Italy




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AIAB has delegated the inspection of its standards to some of the Italian control bodies - ICEA, CCPB, IMC, Bios, QC&i, Codex statistical figures on operators etc. certified according to the standards are from 2008

Total number of operators (incl. farmers) in the country certified according to these organic standards


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