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Standards owner, ICEA, Italy, 2009

Standards owner, ICEA, Italy, 2009. [Certification - Standards owners]

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Other (etc.) (biologico di fattoria logo)

Name of these organic standards

Biologico di Fattoria

Standard acronym if different from the name


Level of use of the organic standard


Comment on the use of the organic standard and additional subjects covered

The logo BIOLOGICO DI FATTORIA (FARM ORGANIC) is a certification logo for packaged food products “from organic farming” whose production cycle is completed within a single farm. The absence of intermediate passages through different processing units involved in the production chain minimizes handling of the product itself, lessens processing and packaging time given the absence of intermediate transportation and a consequent higher nutritional quality and freshness of processed raw materials. This, among all the others, is the ICEA certification which is oriented particularly towards the products and consumers of short production chains. Basic requirements: Production and processing of the product must take place within the same farm. Only secondary ingredients that are not available in the region (for example sugarcane, cocoa, etc.) and strictly needed additives are allowed to be purchased. Livestock farms must guarantee a self-sufficiency feeding level of 70% of the dry matter for polygastric and 50% for monogastrics. (The EC 889/2008 requires a minimum self-sufficiency of 50 % for herbivores). Only slaughtering can take place in external structures if the farm controls the slaughtering phase and on the condition that the slaughter house is located in the same province as the farm or in a neighboring one.

Names of European countries and/or regions where these organic standards are used


Link to the most recent version of these organic standards if publicly available

Name of the organic standards owner

Istituto per la Certificazione Etica e Ambientale

Acroym of the standard owner if different from the name



Via Nazario Sauro 2, IT-40121 Bologna, Italy




Links to authority/body web page and further information

Contact person (name, phone, email) if possible

Alessandro Pulga, e-mail:

Private or public organic standards owner


Type of standards owner

Private certifier

Comments on type of standards owner

ICEA is a certification body mainly involved in organic certification, but also in other certification schemes related to the food and non-food sector (see item,"control body, ICEA". The inspection of the "Organic farm products" standards scheme is done by ICEA itself.

Type of logo


Comments on logo and the certification and inspection system for the standard

The logo and the certified companies will be the subject of communication campaigns during exhibitions and other events organized by ICEA.

Total number of operators (incl. farmers) in the country certified according to these organic standards


Number of organic farmers certified according to these organic standards


Number of organic processors certified according to these organic standards


Special license fee claimed for the use of the logo apart from the certification costs


What is the price of the licence fee for various user categories (farmers, processors etc.)

During the first launch and promotion phase (minimum of one year) ICEA offers this certification for free to all companies already controlled under EC Reg. 834/2007

Number of employees (full-time, part time, free-lance) in "full-time years" working on organic standards issues for standards owners which are not accredited certifiers

10 Work days/year

Annual turnover related to licence fees in €


Comments on employees in "full-time years" and turnover

For certification, inspection and management activity of the standard 10 workdays/year are needed

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