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Standards owner, Biopark, Germany, 2009

Standards owner, Biopark, Germany, 2009. [Certification - Standards owners]

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Other (etc.) (Biopark quality logo)
Other (etc.) (Biopark association logo DE)

Name of these organic standards


Level of use of the organic standard


Comment on the use of the organic standard and additional subjects covered

Biopark is both a standards owner and a certifier, which is IFOAM accredited.

Link to the most recent version of these organic standards if publicly available

Name of the organic standards owner

Biopark e.V.


Rövertannen 13, DE-18273 Güstrow, Germany


+49 (3843) 245030


Links to authority/body web page and further information

Contact person (name, phone, email) if possible

Dr. Delia Micklich; Phone +49 (3843) 245030; e-mail:

Private or public organic standards owner


Type of standards owner

Other e.g. combinations of above

If "other" then specify

National association of farmers and processors

Comments on type of standards owner

National association of about 700 members (about 600 farmers and 100 processors) in 15 Bundesländern. (Data from end of 2008)

Type of logo


Comments on logo and the certification and inspection system for the standard

Biopark is a standards owner and an IFOAM accredited certifier, certifying according to its own standards, which are strichter than the EC 834/2007.

Special license fee claimed for the use of the logo apart from the certification costs


Link to public price lists, if available

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