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Control body, OIC, Switzerland, 2009

Control body, OIC, Switzerland, 2009. [Certification - Control authority and Control body]

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Other (etc.) (OIC BIo Vinatura)

Type of authority/body


Level of operation


The authority/body work areas

Both certification and inspection

Comments on type , level and work areas

OIC is specialised in certification of designated origin in the French speaking cantones (federal states) of Switzerland. It only certifies organic wine production.

Name of the authority/body

Organism Intercantonal de Certification

Start year for doing organic certification and/or inspection


Accredited according to

ISO 65/EN 45011 with scope: National regulation other than EC 834/2007

Comments on accreditation

No EU Control code. Swiss control code: SCESp 054 with scope: Swiss Organic Ordinance

Authority/body accredited by:

Swiss Accreditation Service SAS (Swiss Organic Ordinance)

Is the authority/body a standards owner. If "no", then fill in the contact details below



Avenue des Jordils 1, CH-1000 Lausanne 6, Switzerland For Organic Wine certification: Vitiswiss, Chutzenstrasse 47, CP 563, CH-3000 Berne 17, Switzerland


+41-021 601 53 75


Links to authority/body web page and further information

Contact person (name, phone, email) if possible

Cellery Romain; phone: +41-31 370 27 24; e-mail:

If not a standards owner, does the control authority/control body have a control logo?


Number of European organic standards (incl. the EC 834/2007) according to which the control authority/body offers certification and/or inspection in the country [standard certified / (standard inspected)]


Titles of European organic standards (incl. the EC 834/2007) for which certification (and inspection) is offered in the country.

Swiss Organic Ordinance SR 910.18

Comments on the system for certification and/or inspection in the country

OIC is only certifying organic wine production (grapes production and wine processing)

Links to price lists for certification and inspection services if publicly available


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