Organic Rules and Certification

Standards owner, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, Turkey, 2009

Standards owner, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, Turkey, 2009. [Certification - Standards owners]

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Other (etc.) (Turkey organic logo)

Name of these organic standards

Turkish organic Law no. 5262 of 01.12.2004

Level of use of the organic standard


Names of European countries and/or regions where these organic standards are used


Link to the most recent version of these organic standards if publicly available,,Organik_Tarim_Kanunu.html

Name of the organic standards owner

Tarım ve Köyişleri Bakanlığı, Republic of Turkey, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs

Acroym of the standard owner if different from the name



Tarım ve Köy İşleri Bakanlığı, Tarımsal Üretim ve Geliştirme Genel Müdürlüğü, Alternatif Tarımsal Üretim Teknikleri Daire Baskanlığı, Eskişehir Yolu 9. km. Lodumlu, Ankara, Turkey


+90 312 2868701


Links to authority/body web page and further information,Organik_Tarim.html

Contact person (name, phone, email) if possible

Ahmet Bayaner; e-mail:

Private or public organic standards owner


Type of standards owner

National Authority

Type of logo


Comments on logo and the certification and inspection system for the standard

Those who produce or sell organic agricultural products are required to use the Turkish organic logo samples on their packages in accordance with the TC 25841_2005 Regulation on organic production. Products that do not carry these logos on their packages can not be offered to the domestic market; no promotion or commercial activities can be carried out regarding such products; nor can any patent application with their abbreviations be available. The authorization for issuing the use of the label is held by the Committee which is the authorized organ of the Ministry. The use of this logo is to be issued by the authorized institution for raw material, semi-finished or finished agricultural organic production materials in accordance with the provisions of the TC 25841_2005 Regulation.

Total number of operators (incl. farmers) in the country certified according to these organic standards


Number of organic farmers certified according to these organic standards


Number of organic processors certified according to these organic standards

302 incl. importers and exporters.

Special license fee claimed for the use of the logo apart from the certification costs


Number of employees (full-time, part time, free-lance) in "full-time years" working on organic standards issues for standards owners which are not accredited certifiers


Annual turnover related to licence fees in €


Comments on employees in "full-time years" and turnover

The costs for implementing and further developing the Turkish governmental standards was about € 257000 in 2008.

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