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Standards owner, Nature & Progres Federation International des Association, France, 2009

Standards owner, Nature & Progres Federation International des Association, France, 2009. [Certification - Standards owners]

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Other (etc.) (nature et progres logo)

Name of these organic standards

Nature et Progres

Level of use of the organic standard


Comment on the use of the organic standard and additional subjects covered

The first “Nature & Progres private standards were already adopted in 1968. The standards i.e."the cahiers des charges" are voluntary supplemetary requirements to the French state regulation on organic agriculture (AB)

Names of European countries and/or regions where these organic standards are used

France and Belgium

Link to the most recent version of these organic standards if publicly available,

Name of the organic standards owner

Nature & Progres Federation International des Association

Acroym of the standard owner if different from the name

Nature & Progres


16, Avenue Carnot FR-30100 Alès, France


+33 (0)4 66 91 21 94


Links to authority/body web page and further information

Contact person (name, phone, email) if possible

Mr. Lionel Labit

Private or public organic standards owner


Type of standards owner

Other e.g. combinations of above

If "other" then specify

Organisation of farmers, consumers, agronomists, technicians and even medical doctors

Comments on type of standards owner

Nature et Progrès is one of the oldest PGS (Participatory Guarantee System)in the world, functioning without discontinuity since 1972. This French association has from the beginning involved various stakeholders and pioneers of the organic movement, including farmers, consumers, agronomists, technicians and even medical doctors.

Type of logo


Comments on logo and the certification and inspection system for the standard

Today, Nature et Progrès still operates as a PGS (Particcipatory Guarantee System), with its own private organic standard, its own certification procedures (involving peer review and consumers in the inspection process) but is not allowed to call its products “organic” (“biologique” in French) due to the third party certification requirements of the EU regulation. The Nature et Progrès label is still recognized positively by many organic consumers, but organic shops are starting to refuse the N&P products, and younger generations are less aware of the history and values of N&P, leading many of the N&P producers to be also third party certified so as to be able to access the organic market.

Total number of operators (incl. farmers) in the country certified according to these organic standards


Number of organic farmers certified according to these organic standards


Number of organic processors certified according to these organic standards


Special license fee claimed for the use of the logo apart from the certification costs


What is the price of the licence fee for various user categories (farmers, processors etc.)

- control cost for « big » operators = 781 € - Control cost for farmers and small operators = 197 €. Can be less in case of a local participatory guarantee system in place. Besides, all operators will have to pay an annual fee proportional to the turnover of products labelled with the N&P logo: • for a turnover lover than 152450 € : 0,3 % • for a turnover between 152451 € and 30490 0€: 0,24 % • for a turnover between 304901 € and 457350 € 0,18 % • for a turnover higher than 457350 € : 0,150% + for all, a fee for adhesion to the association, between 20 and 46 € (individuals and enterprises, respectively)

Link to public price lists, if available

Number of employees (full-time, part time, free-lance) in "full-time years" working on organic standards issues for standards owners which are not accredited certifiers


Annual turnover related to licence fees in €

180000 € in 2007

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