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Standards owner, KRAV, Sweden, 2010

Standards owner, KRAV, Sweden, 2010. [Certification - Standards owners]

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KRAV is organised as an incorporated association with, at present, 27 members. They represent farmers, processors, trade and also consumer, environmental and animal welfare interests. KRAV has adapted their private standards to IFOAM Basic Standards. The KRAV standards also fulfil the EU standards for organic production in the regulations (EC) No 834/2007, (EC) No 889/2008 and (EC) No 967/2008. In some cases the KRAV standards are stricter than the EU standards. The KRAV standards encompass more areas, such as certification of restaurants and industrial kitchens, fishing, textiles and in 2010 implementation of climate protecting energy requirements for green house production is starting to be implemented. KRAV is working at introducing further climate and resource protecting requirements.

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KRAV Ekonomisk Förening,

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Box 1037, Kungsängsgatan 12, SE-751 40 Uppsala, Sweden


+46 (0)18 158900


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KRAV is an association with 27 members (2010) representing farmers, processors, traders, consumers, environmental and animal welfare interests.

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To obtain the KRAV-label a company needs to be responsible for the KRAV-product (license-holder). In Sweden thre are 3 private certification bodies certifying according to the KRAV standards, Aranea certifiering, SMAK, Valiguard and HS certifiering AB. Besides DEBIO in Norway certifies according to KRAV standards.

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Besides the farmers and processors, 863 restaurants and catering companies, 837 shops, 164 importers and 41 aquaculture producers were KRAV certified in 2008. Licence fees excl. VAT (2008): Basic fee for farms < 27 ha: 39 € (400 SEK) Farm area > 27 ha : 1,17 €/ha (12 SEK) Processors and importers: KRAV products turn over < 97500 € (1 million SEK): 39 € (400 SEK) KRAV turn over > € 97500 < € 7800000: 0,5%, KRAV turn over > € 7800000 < € 15600000: 0,4 %, KRAV turn over > € 15600000 < € 31200000: 0,3 %, KRAV turn over > € 31200000: 0,2 %, KRAV licence Shop, restaurant: 39 € (400 SEK) KRAV registration of food product: 39 € (400 SEK) Certification and registatio of food product in same company: 19,5 € (200 SEK)

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2371095 (24277165 SEK)

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13 (2008)

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