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Manure fertilizers, intensity - DE Naturland Standards 2005

Huber, Beate (2005) Manure fertilizers, intensity - DE Naturland Standards 2005. [Organic rules - Differences between other regulations/standards and EEC No 2092/91]

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The use of fertilizers is restricted. The total amount of fertilizers applied may in general not exceed the equivalent of 1.4 du/ha/year (112 kg N and 98 kg P2O5). In accordance with the NATURLAND extension services and related to the results of soil analyses and the specific demand of the crop, more than 110 kg N/ha and year can be applied in greenhouses. For perennials (including orchards), shrubs and christmas trees the limit is 90 kg N/ha/year. In viticulture only 150 kg/N/ha in three years is allowed, while in the latter the amount of one year may not exceed 70 kg N/ha. The amount of bought in fertilizers is limited with 0.5 DU/ha and year (40 kg N). (NL standards on production: Part B.I.Plant production, 1.Humus management and fertilization; Part B.III. Market gardening 1; Part B. V. Cultivation of ornamental plants, herbaceous perennials, shrubs, Christmas trees 1; Part B. Fruit cultivation 1; Part B. Viniculture and wine production 2; Part B. Permanent tropical plantations 1.)


The NL standard is very differentiated in limiting the amount of manure which can be applied for different types of crop production. According to the EU Regulation 2092/91 the amount of fertilizer (animal manure) is limited to 170 kg N/ha/year without any explicit limit for the amount of commercial fertilizers bought in.


Fertilization shall primarily support the accumulation of humus complexes in the soil. The amount of fertilizer is to assure the activity of the soil in the long run. Over-fertilization shaould be avoided. The organic production is directly linked to the natural conditions and production capacities of the site.

EU Regulation

Annex I. Principles of organic production and processing > B.Livestock and livestock products - Annex I B > Livestock manure - Annex I B7, see also Annex VII
Annex I. Principles of organic production and processing > A.Plant and plant products > Fertilizing - Annex I A2

Item type:Organic rules - Differences between other regulations/standards and EEC No 2092/91
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Horticulture > Greenhouse production (protective cropping)
Crop production > Fertilisers
Crop production > Soil fertility and biological activity
Perennial crops > Fruit orchards
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