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Fertilizers, substrates - DE Naturland Standards 2005

Huber, Beate (2005) Fertilizers, substrates - DE Naturland Standards 2005. [Organic rules - Differences between other regulations/standards and EEC No 2092/91]

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The substances that can be used as fertilizers on NATURLAND farms are regulated by a positive list in the appendix 1 and by certain restrictions mentioned in the corresponding chapter (B I). Explicitly excluded from use are synthetic chemical nitrogen fertilizers, Chile saltpeter and urea, composted waste (other than green compost), faecal and sewage sludge, liquid and semi-liquid manure from conventional origin as well as conventional chicken manure. Conventional manure as well as any semi-liquid manure must be treated before application. Environmental pollution must be avoided. Mineral and trace element fertilizers that are not easily soluble (see appendix 1. 1.5) can be used after consulting an adviser and is related to the results of soil analyses, deficiency symptoms of the crop and the nutrient balance of the whole farm. Bought in fertilizers and soil conditioners can be applied if listed in the corresponding appendix 1 and the indicated conditions of use are complied with. (NL standards on production: Part B.I.Plant production, 1.Humus management and fertilization; Appendix 1.)


The NATURLAND standard is similar but in some cases has additional restrictions than the EU Regulation 2092/91: conventional chicken manure, conventional liquid or semi-liquid manure, bone and blood meal as well as composted community household wastes are not allowed to be used.


Fertilization shall primarily support the accumulation of humus complexes in the soil. As a consequence, highly concentrated and easily soluble nitrogen fertilisers are not acceptable. The risk of contamination with objectionable substances from conventional animal farming, community wastes etc. must be reduced.

EU Regulation

Annex I. Principles of organic production and processing > A.Plant and plant products > Fertilizing - Annex I A2
Annex II. Permitted substances for the production of organic foods > Substances for plants and plant production - Annex 2 > Fertilizers and soil conditioners - Annex II A

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