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Collection of wild plants - CH Bio Suisse Standards 2005

Schmid, Otto and Ziegler, Katia (2006) Collection of wild plants - CH Bio Suisse Standards 2005. [Organic rules - Differences between other regulations/standards and EEC No 2092/91]

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The collection of wild plants is regulated in detail. In particular the following are required: A complete description of the gathered area, of the gathering activities, of storing and processing. Proof that no unauthorized auxiliary inputs for organic agriculture have been used in the three previous years; Prove of ecological harmlessness (stability of the habitat and biodiversity). There must not be any sources of emission/contamination in the respective area and in the neighbourhood. Collectors must have a sound knowledge of sustainable gathering.


Specific requirements on wild collection are detailed in the standard of BIO SUISSE. EU Regulation 2092/91 rules the area more generally and accepts the collection of wild plants if no disallowed substances are applied and if the collection is done in a sound manner. Areas can be treated with substances and measures approved in the EU Regulation whereas BIO SUISSE does not accept any treatments of the natural habitats by men, even not substances allowed in Annex II.


Since wild habitats are very vulnerable, BIO SUISSE standards indicate the most important parameters to be respected before approval . In order to draw a clear line against organic produce from farms, no treatments, even not with allowed products, are allowed in wild collection..

EU Regulation

Annex I. Principles of organic production and processing > A.Plant and plant products > Collection of wild plants - Annex I A4
Annex III - Minimum inspection Requirements/precautionary measures > Specific provisions > Plants or plant products - Annex III A1

Item type:Organic rules - Differences between other regulations/standards and EEC No 2092/91
Subjects:Collection from the wild (plants and animals)
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