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Livestock housing, general requirements, poultry - DE Bioland Standards 2005

Huber, Beate (2006) Livestock housing, general requirements, poultry - DE Bioland Standards 2005. [Organic rules - Differences between other regulations/standards and EEC No 2092/91]

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Housing systems for laying hens can be floor systems or aviaries with access to open air run (exceptions are possible). Detailed instructions are given about the characteristics of the area (indoors and outdoors), that can be taken into account for calculating the total area, accessible to the hens (including exterior climate area, the scratching area, open air run, covered with vegetation). In aviaries the stocking density is restricted to 12 hens/m² floor space. Details are given concerning the size of the windows, the design of the feeding and watering equipment, the handling of excrements, the perch rods, the nests, the openings. Possibility of dust bathing is mandatory. Housing systems with more than 200 hens must have an exterior climate area of a determined minimum size, which is permanently accessible to the hens. (Bioland production standards, Laying hens,; Bioland production standards, 9.4. Commencement of Validity and Transitional Arrangements)


The provisions of the BIOLAND standard is more detailed than the EU Regulation 2092/91. Bioland requires a permanently accessible outdoor climate area and the limitation of the maximum stocking density in aviaries in relation to the ground area of the building. The EU Regulation does not indicate as many details concerning the housing system, but in addition to the specific indications for poultry (Annex I B, 8.4.) there is the general requirement, that housing systems must be appropriate to the species and account for the biological and ethological needs of the animals (Annex I B, 8.1., 8.2.)


In order to ensure that BIOLAND certified laying hens are kept in accordance with the specific needs and natural behaviour of the species.

EU Regulation

Annex I. Principles of organic production and processing > B.Livestock and livestock products - Annex I B > Housing and free-range conditions - Annex I B8, see also Annex VIII

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