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Livestock housing, rearing, poultry - DE Bioland 2005

Huber, Beate (2006) Livestock housing, rearing, poultry - DE Bioland 2005. [Organic rules - Differences between other regulations/standards and EEC No 2092/91]

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The specific instructions for housing systems used for pullet rearing are concerning the maximum stocking density in relation to the stage of development of the animals (age / weight), the size of the scratching area, the characteristics of perching facilities and size of openings. Daylight is mandatory as well as a permanent accessible outdoor climate area for stocks of more than 200 animals or if the open air run covered with vegetation is less than 2.5m²/animal. If possible 1 cock shall be kept together with 100 hens. (Bioland production standards, 4.2 Requirements in the Keeping of Animals, 4.2.5 Poultry, Young hens -; Bioland production standards, 4.3 Dealing with animals, 4.3.2 Measures in the business)


The BIOLAND standard is more detailed. The EU Regulation 2092/91 does not indicate specific instructions for rearing pullets at the moment. Consequently the general instructions concerning poultry housing apply. Specific rules are currently under development.


In order to ensure the system to meet the specific needs of the animals, it must be adapted and appropriate to the animals stage of development. Consequently specific indications are needed. Chickens must have the opportunity to practice, at an early stage of development, the elements of natural behaviour in order to learn it. Disturbances in the behaviour of laying hens, which can lead to severe problems, should be avoided. Robustness and a natural immunisation against microorganisms present on the farm should be supported by providing outdoor access at an early stage of development.

EU Regulation

Annex VIII. Minimum livestock surface areas indoor and outdoors
Annex I. Principles of organic production and processing > B.Livestock and livestock products - Annex I B > Housing and free-range conditions - Annex I B8, see also Annex VIII

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