Organic Rules and Certification

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In Norway the organic agricultural area of 48863 ha constituted 4.72% of the total farmed area, and the number of certified organic farmers, (2611) constituted 5.23% of the total number of farmers in 2007

The certification chain consists of the following bodies:

1 competent authority

Mattilsynet, (Norwagian Food Safety Authority)

1 accreditation body

Norsk Akkrditering, (Norwegian Accreditation)

0 control authorities
1 private control body

Debio (3505 organic operators, of wich 2702 farmers)

0 public standards owners
2 private standards owners

Biologisk-Dynamisk Forening,Norway, (BIological-dynamic Association Norway) ( operators)

Debio (24 operators)

Certification costs of organic farmers may be subsidized by the following authority

Statens Landbruksforvaltning (SLF), (Norwegian Agricultural Authority)