Organic Rules and Certification

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In Sweden the organic agricultural area of 248104 ha constituted 7.96% of the total farmed area, and the number of certified organic farmers, (3028) constituted 4.17% of the total number of farmers in 2007

The certification chain consists of the following bodies:

2 competent authorities

Livsmedelverket, (National food Administration)

Jordbruksverket, (Swedish Board of Agriculture)

1 accreditation body

Styrelsen för Ackreditering och Teknisk Kontroll, (Swedish Board for Accreditation and Conformity Assessment)

0 control authorities
5 private control bodies

Svenska Demeterförbundet. (Swedish Demeter Association) (56 organic operators, of wich 36 farmers)

Aranea Certifiering AB (5540 organic operators, of wich 4709 farmers)

SMAK AB (800 organic operators, of wich 800 farmers)

HS Certifiering AB (326 organic operators, of wich 300 farmers)

Valiguard AB (23 organic operators, of wich 0 farmers)

0 public standards owners
2 private standards owners

KRAV Ekonomisk Förening, (7459 operators)

Svenska Demeterförbundet (56 operators)

Certification costs of organic farmers may be subsidized by the following authority

Jordbrugksdepartementet, (Ministry of Agriculture)