Organic Rules and Certification

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In Austria the organic agricultural area of 372026 ha constituted 13.36% of the total farmed area, and the number of certified organic farmers, (19997) constituted 12.09% of the total number of farmers in 2007

The certification chain consists of the following bodies:

1 competent authority

Ministerium für Gesundheit, (Austrian Ministry of Health)

1 accreditation body

Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft, Familie und Jugend (BMWFJ), (Federal Ministry of Economy, Family and Youth (BMWFJ)

0 control authorities
8 private control bodies

Austria Bio Garantie GmbH (ABG) (11649 organic operators, of wich 10728 farmers)

Kontrollservice BIKO Tirol (2376 organic operators, of wich 2328 farmers)

BIOS Biokontrollservice Österreich ( organic operators, of wich farmers)

LACON GmbH ( organic operators, of wich farmers)

Gesellschaft für Ressourcenschutz mbH, ( organic operators, of wich farmers)

Salzburger Landwirtschaftliche Kontrolle GesmbH (SLK), (Salzburger Agricultural Control) (3840 organic operators, of wich 3700 farmers)

Lebensmittelversuchsanstalt (LVA), ( organic operators, of wich n/a farmers)

SGS Austria Controll-Co. GesmbH ( organic operators, of wich farmers)

0 public standards owners
4 private standards owners

BIO AUSTRIA (13250 operators)

Österreichischer Demeter-Bund (192 operators)

FREILAND Verband für ökologisch-tiergerechte Nutztierhaltung und gesunde Ernährung ( operators)

Bioverband Erde & Saat (450 operators)

Certification costs of organic farmers may be subsidized by the following authority

AgrarMarkt Austria (AMA)

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