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Aquaculture, production and processing - SP CAAE Standards 2002
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The farmed fish aquaculture standards of the Andalusian Comittee for Organic Farming (CAAE), a private certification body in Andalusia and Castilla-La Mancha has a 10 page standard document for farmed fish and a 3 page document for fish processing, covering different aspects such as; scope, general principles, labelling, conversion period, animal origin, health care, surrounding environment, farm fished facilities, fish feeding; animal identification, transport and slaughtering methods. The standards also cover the specifications for differents types of fish and 2 annexes for products and methods used for controlling diseases and feeding. The text can be requested from or
This regulation includes standards for organic production and organic proceesing of farmed fish. There are no such standards in the EU Regulation 2092/91. Andalusian organic fish farmers and processors market fish with this organic standard.