Organic Rules and Certification

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  • EC Council Regulation No. 2092/91
    • Annex I. Principles of organic production and processing
      • Product handling, storage, processing, transportation and packaging - not in EC Reg
        • Packaging
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Title Description Difference Justification and Comments
Labelling claims, textile products - CZ KEZ Standards 2005
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Textile fibres and products can be labelled with the indication "Coming from organic farming", packaging has to bear the KEZ logo with following text: IFOAM ACCREDITED. All inputs and processing aids must be specified on the label.
EU Regulation 2092/91 does not cover textile fibre production or its labelling. The standard-setting body could not give a justification.
Packaging material - SE KRAV 2006
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The KRAV standards states that environmentally packaging material shall be preferred, minimal use of packaging materials should be strived for. KRAVs goal is to hase out PVC and other clorine based plastics. (Standard 2.12.13)
The environmental aspect of packaging material is not covered by EU Regulation 2092/91. To fulfill consumers demand for environmentally adapted production not only in the field or processing but also in other areas.
Packaging material, general requirements - Italian Organic Standards 2005
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The Italian Organic Standards (IOS) require operators to respect specific rules for packaging of organic products. Among these are; use of re-usable, re-cyclable and re-cycled and biodegradable materials where possible, avoiding contamination and the prohibition of preservatives and fumigants.
While the Italian Organic Standard has requirements on packing material, the EU Regulation 2092/91 does not cover packaging of organic food. The packaging of organic food should have a minimum impact on products and the environment; for this reason specific requirements are needed.
Packaging material, recycled - SE KRAV 2006
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KRAV certified products can only be stored in recycled packages and wrappings which have been used for conventional products if it is well cleaned. There should be no risk of any contamination. (KRAV standards paragraph 2.12.7 and 2.12.8).
In EU Regulation 2092/91 there are general statements about contamination of organic products but nothing specific on packaging material. In practise there are a lot of containers and packaging material which have been used for conventional products which are then used in organic production. The recycling of packaging materials fits well with the principles of organic agriculture relating to resource use, but there is also a risk for contamination which has to be handled.