Organic Rules and Certification

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  • EC Council Regulation No. 2092/91
    • Annex I. Principles of organic production and processing
      • Product handling, storage, processing, transportation and packaging - not in EC Reg
        • Storage and transport
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Title Description Difference Justification and Comments
Processing and storage - Italian Organic Standards 2005
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The Italian Organic Standard (IOS) defines clearly which procedures and methods are allowed for the processing and storage of organic products. Organic food should be produced by means of processing technologies and procedures based on biological, physical and mechanical methods and in a way which maintains the qualities of each ingredient and of the finished product. Specific rules are set for filtration techniques, clarification adjuvants, preservation procedures and storage conditions.
The Italian organic standard specifies a list of possible processes for each kind of food, whereas EU Regulation 2092/91 does not. There is a need for detailed rules for the processing and handling of organic products.