Organic Rules and Certification

All differences in one table by EU regulation

  • EC Council Regulation No. 2092/91
    • Annex II. Permitted substances for the production of organic foods
      • Substances for animal husbandry
        • Products for cleaning and disinfection in livestock buildings - Annex II E
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Title Description Difference Justification and Comments
Beekeeping, hive treatment - Naturland 2005
For the external treatment of hives only natural substances are permitted. In case of acute infection, caustic soda can be used for disinfection. Combs can only be treated with acetic acids and BT preparations. (NL standards for organic beekeeping II: 2.1. Treatment of the hives 2.2. Cleaning and disinfection 3. Wax and honeycombs)
The NATURLAND standard is more detailled by allowing only natural substances for the external treatment of hives. According to the EU Regulation 2092/91 all the substances listed in the annex II B can be used to protect hives, frames and combs. For disinfection all the products listed in annex II E can be used. To avoid contamination with harmful substances.
Cleaning agents - SE KRAV 2006
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Cleaning agents used for cleaning of all kind of facilities and equipment (areas for production, processing, handling and storages) shall be eco-labeled if available. If there is no environmental labeled product avaiable the Precautionary Principle shall be used. (KRAV Standards paragraph 2.12.10.)
In EU Regulation 2092/91 there is a list of products allowed for cleaning and disinfection of buildings for animal husbandry but not for areas for storing, handling or processing. The standards requires the use of the most environmental friendly product whenever possible in all kind of production. In Sweden there are two systems for eco labelling of cleaning agents, mainly for use in private homes but some are also for professional use.
Livestock housing, cleaning - DE Naturland 2005
Only the products listed in the corresponding appendix can be used for cleaning of equipment used in animal production. (NL standards on production, Part B.II.5.Shed hygiene and appendix 8)
The lists of admissible products are very similar. However on the NATURLAND list, formic acid and formaldehyde are not included. Exclusion of hazardous substances.