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Livestock management, general requirements, deer - DE Bioland Standards 2005
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The specific BIOLAND standards for deer regulate the following aspects: mandatory permanent pasture, minimum area size , characteristics of outdoor enclosures, minimum group size, stocking density, purchase of animals and conventional feeding stuffs. (Bioland production standards, 4.2.7 Keeping of Fallow-deer and Red Deer; Bioland production standards, 4.8.2 Possible permits for conventional purchase of animals, Fallow-Deer and Red Deer; Bioland production standards, 10.4 Temporary regulations for purchased feed from non-organic origin, 10.4.4 Fallow and red deer)
Bioland has specific standards for deer husbandry. This is not regulated by the EU Regulation 2092/91. To provide standards for all types of animal production, practised in the regions inspected and certified by BIOLAND.
Livestock management, general requirements, deer - DE Naturland 2005
The NATURLAND rules for animals kept in reserves cover aspects such as the size of the herd, configuration of pasture areas (reserves), removal of antlers, feed and slaughter. (NL standards on production, Part B.II: 1.7 Game reserves 2.6 Fodder for reserve game 7. Transport and slaughtering)
The NATURLAND standard is more extensive. Husbandry of deer is not regulated by the EU Regulation 2092/91. To provide strict rules for any significant type of agriculture / food production.
Livestock management, general requirements, deer - SE KRAV 2006
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The KRAV standards have several standards for deer. The environment should be natural and contain plants and food that deer prefer. There should be protection in the enclosure by trees or forest. Handling of deer should be done so that stress is minimised. All deer should be able to feed at the feeding station at the same time. The feed should 100% KRAV –certified, 30% of the daily intake can be concentrate. Deer kids should suckle until natural weaning. Deer should only be slaughtered in the enclosure or adjacent to the enclosure (KRAV standards, several paragraphs in chapter 5).
The EU Regulation 2092/91 does not have any specific standards for deer. Deer are in several ways quite different to other ruminants. It is important that they are treated in the best way.