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Cleaning agents - SE KRAV 2006
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Cleaning agents used for cleaning of all kind of facilities and equipment (areas for production, processing, handling and storages) shall be eco-labeled if available. If there is no environmental labeled product avaiable the Precautionary Principle shall be used. (KRAV Standards paragraph 2.12.10.)
In EU Regulation 2092/91 there is a list of products allowed for cleaning and disinfection of buildings for animal husbandry but not for areas for storing, handling or processing. The standards requires the use of the most environmental friendly product whenever possible in all kind of production. In Sweden there are two systems for eco labelling of cleaning agents, mainly for use in private homes but some are also for professional use.
Cleaning, disinfection and pest control - SE KRAV 2006
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KRAV has a whole range of standards for handling cleaning, disinfection and pest control in all areas were organic products are produced, handled, processed and stored. The operators shall first of all work with precautionary measures and also do a risk assessment to foresee and prevent problems. The operator shall carry out sanitary and building measures to minimise potential problems. Cleaning of facilities is stressed. For chemical products used which may be of possible danger to human health or environment the products less harmful shall be used (this is a Swedish legal requirement). For disinfection and pest control in storages, handling and processing facilities, mechanical methods shall be preferred. If these are not effective physical methods can be used, after that biotechnical methods can be used and as the last option chemical methods can be used when the other methods are considered impossible. Organic products should not be contaminated by the disinfection or pest control methods and all activities have to be documented. (KRAV Standards paragraph 2.12.9 - 2.12.11).
Cleaning, disinfection and pest control is covered in the EU Regulation 2092/91 to the extent of reducing the risk for contamination of organic products but the more thorough stepwise approach of working with precautionary measures and risk assessment is not covered. The step by step system avoiding the use of chemicals for disinfection and pest control is also not covered. Cleaning, disinfection and pest control are areas were it is a risk for contamination of organic products by the substances used. Through a good management system the use of problems can be reduced considerably. The substances used for fumigations and other pest control efforts are often toxic and have other environmental effects.