Organic Rules and Certification

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Inspections, general requirements - US NOP 2002 § 205.403 On-site inspections. A certifying agent must conduct an initial on-site inspection of each production unit. An on-site inspection shall be conducted annually thereafter. A certifying agent may conduct additional on-site inspections, announced or unannounced, of applicants for certification and certified operations. The Administrator or State organic program's governing State official may require that additional inspections be performed. The initial on-site inspection must be conducted within a reasonable time. The inspector must conduct an exit interview. The inspector shall provide the operation's authorized representative with a receipt for any samples taken by the inspector. There shall be no charge to the inspector for the samples taken. Both EU Regulation 2092/91 and US require annual inspections and additional announced or unannounced inspections. EU has a risk-based approach for additional visits; US does not specify this. US requires an exit interview, whereas EU does not specify this. The EU is more specific in documentary accounts. US require documents to be kept for 5 years, EU does not. EU requires in case of part conversion for crop and livestock production conventional units to be inspected, US requires operators to allow access to non-certified production and handling areas during inspection. No justification was available.
Inspections, specific provisions - US NOP 2002
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§ 205.403 ? 205.406 Inspection and certification US has no specific provisions for inspection of plant or animal production or processing but requires a production or handling system plan to be annually updated to describe in detail the management of the organic production.
EU Regulation 2092/91 has specific provisions for inspection in case an operator runs conventional and organic production units in the same area. The crop records must give a breakdown by plot and the livestock records detailed description on the herd and the herd management system. EU describes more detailed the provisions for records and for reception of products from other units and also covers provisions for sub-contracted units. US are less detailed. No justification was available.