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Seed and plant material, origin - CH Demeter Standards 2005
Seed must origin from bio-dynamic and if not available from organic production. The non-availability of organic seed must be proven by the farmer. Hybrids of cereals with the exception of corn (Zea mays) are excluded for the production of feed and food. Planting material deriving from lines which were created with protoplasm or cytoplasm fusion technique can not be used. Seed should be procured from European countries (less transport, less pollution).
EU Regulation 2092/91 does allow hybrids, whereas DEMETER does not allow the use of hybrids in any cereal (with the exception of corn). Furthermore, cytoplasm and protoplasm fusion as breeding techniques are not accepted by DEMETER standards. Seed should be well adapted to the production technique and therefore it should already be bred with bio-dynamic methods in order to support the taste and individuality of each variety. Therefore biodynamic seed and propagation material must be used if available.